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How can employers support the work ethic program?

Why Work Ethic? 
Employers have indicated that Work Ethic skills are one of the top characteristics needed in employees. One of the fundamental goals of the Northwest Indiana Workforce Board is to produce an emerging workforce that has 21st century skills in order to face the challenges of a global marketplace.

What is the Work Ethic Certificate?

  • A filter for employers when hiring or selecting candidates
  • A common identifiable metric of work habits
  • A credential demonstrating knowledge of skills, abilities, and commitment to work
  • Development of needed behavioral characteristics in emerging workforce

Who is eligible?
High School students who have met the established criteria.

What is the criteria for students?
Each student is scored on the following areas:

  • Shows a Positive Attitude: Student respects others, shows appreciation, and sees the best in situations.
  • Works Well With Others: Student displays team/ group cooperation with other students, teachers, administrators, and other adults.
  • Follows Directions: Student understands and follows rules and procedures.
  • Arrives on Time: Student arrives on time, stays on schedule, and anticipates constraints.
  • Recognizes Problems and Find Solutions: Student thinks critically, exhibits a systematic way of thinking, and reaches conclusions.
  • Manages Time Effectively: Student displays strong personal time management and flexibility skills.
  • Applies Good Listening Skills: Student practices observation, identifies non-verbal communication, and knows when to speak and when not to speak.
  • Is Honest and Dependable: Student is truthful and trusted by others, follows through on commitments, and is responsible.
  • Knows the Need to Pass a Drug or Background Check: Student understands the need to work unimpaired and understands the purpose of passing a drug & background check.
  • Dresses Properly and Practices Good Hygiene: Student follows dress code requirements, is clean and neat, and practices good grooming.
  • Attendance and Discipline: must meet all required policies as set by the school in attendance and discipline, while showing on-time consistencies as well as self-discipline and self-­responsibility.
  • Community Service: Student demonstrates the above criteria through community service activities.

How can employers support the Work Ethic Program?

  • Give priority in interviewing to youth with the Work Ethic Certificate. Ask for it.
  • Partner with Work Ethic schools and participate in activities such as tours, job shadowing, internships, speaking engagements, and ceremonies to award the certificate.
  • Promote the program among peers and community through work related events.

If you are an employer that is interested in supporting the Work Ethic Program, follow this link to get started: Northwest Indiana Work Ethic Employer Participation Form

Click here to view Why Work Ethic Flyer