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State of the Workforce Data Analysis 2016 (DIY)

Below are links to various data represented in CWI’s 2016 State of the Workforce Report. The data category is followed by links that will take you to the database for your reference and further analysis. CWI hopes you find this a useful tool in further analyzing categories of interest.


Regional Population
County Population


Regional Age
County Age


Regional Race
County Race
County Hispanic Comparison

Labor Force (LF) Characteristics

LF Characteristics by Age
LF Characteristics by Race
LF Characteristics by Education


Regional Commuting

Commuting In/Out of NWI
Direct Comparison – Commuting
Regional Commuting Trends
Commuting In/Out of IL

Intra-regional Commuting

Commuting within NWI by County

County-level commuting

County Commuting
County Commuting Comparison


Unemployment Rate by EGR 1994-2015
Overall Employment Trend by EGR 2001-2015
Mfg Employment by EGR
Non-mfg Employment by EGR
Labor Force by EGR, 2005-2015
Labor Force by County, 2005-2015
Unemployment Rate by County, 2005-2015
Employment by Industry for EGR1
Employment by Industry by County


EGR Average Wages by Industry

Education and READY NWI Indicators

EGR Associate+ trend 2009-2014
Educational Attainment Comparison Ages 25+
Educational Attainment Comparison Ages 18-24
Unemployment Rate by Education Level – County-Level Comparison
Median Earnings by Education Level – County-Level and Comparison
NWI ISTEP Compared to Statewide Results
School Corporation-Level ISTEP Results
County-Level ISTEP Results
NWI Graduation Rate Compared to Statewide
School Corporation-Level Graduation Rates
County-Level Graduation Rates
NWI Remediation Trends Compared to State
County-Level Remediation Trends
NWI College and University Enrollment
Overall Enrollment by NWI College and University
NWI College and University Awards Each Year by Level
NWI Awards by Year

Regional Indicators

NWI GRP, 2010-2015
GRP for EGR1 by County (percentage)
GRP for EGR1 by County (amount)
Household Income – NWI vs. Indiana


Poverty vs Unemployment 2005-2014
EGR1 Poverty rate by county 2005-2014
EGR1 Poverty trend by county 2005-2014